Thursday, August 18, 2005

Around the web

While taking a coffee break, I stumbled across this study about caffeine. The latest attempt to slow down productivity across the globe involves investigating the effects of caffeine on spiders. Yes, thats right, spiders. Apparently the web designed by a caffeine-dosed spider is the most disorganized among a host of other drugs, including marijuana. Of course they fail to mention that its also probably the most creative web. Cheers!

Pixar graphic artists on vacation stick to their activities - except they do it with charcoal, pencil and sketchbooks instead of tablet PCs and Adobe Photoshop. This has given rise to a whole new activity called SketchCrawl, which describes itself as "Drawing marathons from around the world" - a day devoted to wandering and sketching.

Namit has been to Ladakh and brings us back some beautiful snaps. He calls them "lousy digital prints of my camera films" but they're way better than my camera can capture, I can tell you that!

Lay people usually find it quite hard to understand the concept of RAID, explained in technical terms. Here's a picture explaining the various forms of RAID using nothing but standard water coolers, just in case you don't have an hour and a half to read the Wikipedia article.