Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Celebrating Independence Day


The Stanford Indian Association held a great celebration function on Monday evening - some singing performances, one dance performance and of course singing of the National Anthem. Its quite nice to know that 15th August is celebrated in some form or other in so many places!

Yet another thing that makes me feel proud is that no matter how many Indians are gathered and how diverse they may be, when we sing Jana-Gana-Mana, it comes out so beautifully. Not a note is out of place - and the pauses between stanzas are 100% perfectly timed. I guess its because no matter what else we did in school, we practiced singing the national anthem every single day!

Took some photos of the event and they're here. I even took a few videos of the performances; great way to test out a web service I recently signed up for. You can see my uploaded videos by going to this page. All you'll need to view the videos is flash. Enjoy!