Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Collected Short Stories - Jeffrey Archer

This was an Archer that I had missed. One of his best, which makes me unhappy that I've only just read it; but happy that I left it for this time, when I really have little else this good to serve for entertainment. This book easily becomes my favourite Jeffery Archer.

I'd rate almost every short story in the book as 4/5 or better. My favourites were "Broken Routine", "Old Love", "Just good friends", "Christina Rosenthal" and "One man's meat...". The beauty of a well-written short story is not just that it drives home a point in just a few pages; but that its message is usually something very simple yet impactful - whether its about friendship, laughter, achievement or ego. In books like "First Among Equals" or "Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less" I was awed by the intricacies and magnitude of the plot - but in this book, what delighted me that even the simple plots were equally powerful and immersive - thirty-six times over.

I guess almost everyone must have read this by now, but if you haven't do read it!