Monday, October 17, 2005

Coming up: Still more new toys from Apple

Well, folks, it doesn't seem like Apple is giving me any rest. Next week there is yet another Apple special event with new products lined up - which will, no doubt, make me feel even poorer.

Apparently revisions of the PowerMac series and the Powerbook series are due, and about time too. Dual-core is definitely in and word is that PowerPC dual-core processors is what the new Powermacs will be getting.

As for the Powerbook, it is in desperate and dire need of some serious upgrades. I bought my Powerbook eight months ago (right on the dot of the last revision, which increased memory and CPU speeds). The very same configuration is still being sold today. Whats worse is that the Powerbook G4 has been around since January 2001, starting off with the Titanium Powerbooks and followed by the aluminum ones. Thats right, a full four years. Unthinkable, considering how fast technology supposedly progresses. Of course Apple could kind of rest easier since the G4 back then was an unbelievably fast CPU - given that it still performs comparably to Pentium Ms. We should really have had a Powerbook G5 by now, but that isn't likely to happen ever now that the transition to Intel has been announced.

Rumours have it that the updated Powerbooks will feature small speed bumps and possibly higher density displays for the 15" and 17" models. The 12" Powerbook will probably not have a denser display, though.

Possible additions to the Powerbooks on Wed:

- A new CPU (either a G5, dual-core G4 or an Intel)
- Just a G4 upgrade (whatever...)
- Higher screen resolution would be nice (rumour has it we might see a 13" widescreen Powerbook in place of the 12")
- Built in iSights (oooohh that would be way cool!)
- Superdrives standard across the board... I so regret not buying the SuperDrive PB
- Better video cards, especially on the 12"/13" (we're stuck with a 5200 for now!)

Yet another rumour has it that the Apple Cinema Displays may see a rise in spec, a reduction in price or both. About time, too - they're priced way out of line at US$699 (education price) for the 20". Comparably, I saw the Dell 2005 Widescreen at US$500 today which has better specs, multiple inputs and adjustable height. I'd go for that any day.

Again, its quite obvious how deep I'm getting into following the Apple scene for no real good reason... I doubt there's going to be anything announced on Wednesday that I'd buy immediately.

But, as the architect says, "Hope... the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength and your greatest weakness".