Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Role model for jobless geeks

One day, I want to be jobless enough to be able to do this. Write a program for generating audio noise. From their website:
It's the hottest sensation to sweep the nation: Pink Noise! Also known as a signal with even power distribution on a logarithmic frequency scale, pink noise masks background noise to help you concentrate. Now with source code and white noise, for those less colorful. Drown out annoying roommates and co-workers today!
It does have its uses though - for people who can't stand silence while working but are distracted by listening to music.

Of course, I downloaded the program and it runs well. If somebody can code it (and distribute the source code) - I can definitely spare some time out of my, ahem, hectic schedule and test it. Wonder what happens when you listen to this with noise canceling headphones though. Anyone with a pair of these care to confirm?

[Update] I've been using this program and I simply cannot believe how effective this is at improving productivity and actually drowning out distracting conversation. A real gem!