Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Why Macs are better than PCs

The Inquirer has an interesting argument to make:
Apple, the long forgotten subject of this article, is different. It doesn't compete against anything at all. The industrial design focus group is one turtleneck wielding man, not a watered down group of suburban housewives who fit into income category 12A, or teens in the hip-hop demographic. Nope, Apple needs to please one person.
Very true, in my opinion - and speaking from personal experience - the reason why I stay away from any PC company. If I want a Windows/Linux box, I go out, buy the components and build it myself.

Probably 70% of the market believes that all that matters in a CPU is speed; 85% of the market cares more about price than a good sound card; 90% don't know how much of a difference a good power supply can make and 99% probably don't know that hard disks come with different cache sizes. But I do. Which is why buying a PC is never easy as Dell.