Monday, February 20, 2006

Away for fun

Its strange - most people I know take a break for blogging when they're too busy I'm diametrically opposite - I tend to stop blogging when I've been having a lot of fun. Maybe a bit too much fun for my own good.

I went to L Subramanian's concert yesterday. It was a breathtaking experience. Violin with percussion. Simply beautiful. Words aren't enough to express. The NUS has an arts festival going on with a lot of concerts - I plan to attend more in the next few days.

Watched the entire Indian innings on TV today - absolutely delightful - especially, the latter half. Yuvraj and Dhoni were just too good - and in the last four overs they were toying with the Pak bowling. Following the match online and reading reports just isn't good enough - the Cricinfo bulletin today refers to Dravid's innings (50 off 82 balls) as "totally assured", and I can totally assure you it was anything but. He seemed to find fielders too often, struggled with his timing and looked decidedly frustrated with the latter half of the innings - he just could not score at a good enough rate.

I'd forgotten what a comedy commentary can be too. Sometimes its so painfully clear that the commentary team is totally lost for words and are just making up stuff out of thin air. Rao Iftikar is referred to as a "very experienced bowler" - immediately after which statistics flash on the screen to show he has played all of 13 matches. Right after Gautam Gambhir's ODI scores (of 9 and 21, I think) in the previous matches have been shown, someone in the commentary box says, he's having a great series. Right after a wicket, Hawkeye compares the wicket-taking ball and the one before it, and the dreaded voice says, "Its clear that the ball that took the wicket was slower than the ball that took the wicket". Every time the match summary is flashed on the screen, a certain commentator (experienced watchers will guess who) starts off like an airport announcement. "This is the match summary. You can see from here what has happened so far." Really? Thanks, we couldn't have figured that one out without the piercing revelations. God save us from cricket commentary.

Some commentators, though, can be truly fun. Sachin came down to the field one time (he wasn't playing) with drinks for the batsmen, and (I think it was L Sivaramakrishnan) called him "the most experienced 12th man in the world".