Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Truth can be stranger than fiction

I ran across a headline on Ars Technica that said Microsoft's alternative to US$100 laptop: the cell phone. My initial response to the article was to laugh out loud and wonder whether it would come with a free magnifying glass to see what would probably be the 160x120 pixel screen, with a 6x4 icon that would represent the Start button. And maybe a toothpick to be used while typing on a cellphone's keyboard.

Microsoft, however, have it all worked out. They intend the device to be connected to a TV, no less, and have an external keyboard for input. Dumbstruck is me.

So, this brilliant mobile contraption that will bring the light of technology to the remotest regions of the developing world will weigh in at about 12.25 kilograms and come in a two feet cube box? I can sure see UPS profiting from this. Or will the said TV and keyboard be necessary, but not included, options? TVs and keyboards, of course, are the commonest things you can find in the remote places in this world.

Whatever it is, I sure hope the cellphone has a smart key for Ctrl+Alt+Del.