Monday, February 13, 2006

Hong Kong

  1. Landing involves narrowly missing diving into the sea.
  2. Nobody stands still on airport walkalators. Nobody.
  3. Taxi (and bus) drivers seem to sincerely believe they're training for the Formula 1.
  4. The place is a sensory invasion. Signs, signs, and more signs. Nearly every tall commericial building has blinking lights surrounding it. If you're on the road, a passing UFO with blinking circumference lights will simply blend into the background.
  5. Throngs of people all move at top walking speed without bumping into anything.
  6. There's a zip in the air, and a sense of purpose to nearly everything and everyone.
  7. Despite the fast pace, people can be remarkably courteous.
  8. There is no shortage of food joints.
  9. There are very accessible places where you can completely forget you're in one of the world's largest cities.
  10. The city never seems to sleep.
In short, an awesome place :)