Sunday, September 25, 2005


I love exploring close-up shots on the camera. Can you guess what this image is? (Quite simple actually, if you're like me; answer at the end of the post)


Of course, the best thing to use the macro mode on are flowers:
Pink flower

Here's another extremely close-up shot of a plaque of "Om" given to me by a friend. No more than 2.5 inches square in actual size.

And here's an oh-so-yummy Chips Ahoy cookie. I cropped a part of this image and played around with the colours a bit to generate the first picture above.

I love the macro mode. Unfortunately though, you can't use any kind of zoom (optical or digital), atleast in my camera when you're shooting something this close. I think going even the slightest bit tele changes the focal length of the lens to beyond 10 cm which means you're no longer doing macro.