Friday, September 30, 2005

The short story

I was tagged to write a 55-word story, and so, here's one. Rather unconventional, though. Seven paragraphs, seven sentences each, and exactly fifty-five words. Might seem random to you, though it does have an intended meaning.

Hunger. Safety. No control. Strength. Peripheral. Unpredictable. Survive.

God. Prosperity. Patterns. Cognition. Society. Vindictive. Settle.

Randomness. Power. Rule of law. Manipulation. Competition. Science. Conquer.

Routine. Discovery. Questions. Looking beyond. Riddles. Unknown. Search.

Separation. Merging. Artistic. Knowledge. Asleep. Essence. Create.

Potential. Awakening. Aware. Thoughts made manifest. Family. Me. Save.

None. Fulfilled. Embracing. Universe. Myself. Infinite. Be.

Let me know what you think the story's about, if you could get through it, even :) I'll decode it in the next post.

For those interested in extremely short story arts, I think you'll find better ones at Story Bytes - where they only publish stories of counts in powers of 2, i.e. 2 words, 4 words, 8 words and so on.